Increase Sales Through Successful Product Pages

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For most businesses, your website is your shop. Because you're using your website to sell, it must have the most accurate and engaging content on it to persuade people to buy with you rather than your competitors. It is important that you consider how to present your product and how to take visitors through the customer journey and sale funnel on your product pages. I've put together some tips that we use when we build our product pages using enable mautic.

Write engaging product descriptions

When you're writing your content remember to stay as relevant and as direct you can. It's essential that you understand your audience, do they know what your product is? Do you need to explain it? Do you need to justify why it's better than it's competitors? Your description must offer value because if it doesn't interest the reader, they'll most likely bounce off the page. Consider what the visitor is interested in, what issues will your product solve, what are they searching for in Google? 

As well as making sure the description is accurate, it's also important to consider how the text looks. Choose a font that fits with your brand guidelines. Ensure that there is lots of white space so that you don't overwhelm the visitor. Using enable mautic, it is easy to create product landing pages using the drag and drop functionality which presents text beautifully. 

Use high-quality images

People connect with people, I'd recommend finding a way that you can show your product being used by people, whether that's through photos or illustrations. It's great to show off product variants too, so that you please as many people as possible that are visiting your page. Make the most of your imagery and show the variety of functions that your product has! 


Did you know that 92% of consumers say that visuals are the top influential factor affecting a purchase decision?
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Include clear call to actions (CTAs)

The CTAs are one of the most important elements of your page because they are the difference between someone buying your product or not. I'd recommend only using a select few call to actions, or only one if you're offering one product. Make sure that the CTA stands out on your page and that it's not overcrowded with images or text. You may choose to have your CTA in a colour that is different to the rest of your content so it is clear for the visitor to see where they should click to move to the next stage of the sales funnel. Think about the language that you're using for your CTA, is it persuasive enough and does it meet the needs of your target audience?

Share customer testimonials/ case studies

To build trust and reliability it's always good to have testimonials and case studies because it allows visitors to read about other people's experiences with your products. If you wanted to be super clever, you could spotlight certain case studies within one industry when you're targetting them through paid and organic advertising. This would create a more personalised approach for the people who are entering your website through your marketing. 

Create an awesome customer experience

You can have all of the right elements to build a successful product page but if you haven't got the software to physically build the page so that you create an amazing customer experience, then you could end up losing sales. I'd recommend using enable mautic because it's one of the most fairly priced marketing automation tools in the industry and it offers the flexibility to really become creative and strategic with your decisions. 

Great customer experience comes down to design and understanding. I'd suggest that when you're explaining the benefits of your product, use bullet points, statistics and graphs, all of this will make your content more interesting to look at. 

Whatever you're selling, we have the solution for you which will take your product pages to the next level and increase sales! With endless marketing features, enable mautic brings the fun back into creating product pages, at a low cost too! 

Start building yours today - with enable mautic.