How we help our employees go from strength to strength

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career progression

Career progression is something we all look for in a job, right? Being able to improve ourselves and feel valued within a workplace is essential. 

At, we recognise self-improvement works both ways. As each employee improves their skills, the company develops and gets stronger also.

Here’s how is continuously implementing career progression  

Regular, meaningful recognition ⭐️

To motivate our employees, we give them recognition when they've done an excellent job or gone above and beyond expectations. It makes people feel good about themselves and creates an emotional connection between the employer and the employee. Showing appreciation for someone's hard work will make them want to work harder to gain further recognition. 

Quarterly reviews📈

Reviews give employees a chance to express how they're getting on with their job. It's an opportunity for them to express any qualifications, self-development or learning they want to do. It's also a chance for the employee to set 3, 6 and 12-month goals for themselves! 

Encourage further learning📒

Our team members feel more valuable if they're learning new skills to develop their knowledge. We believe that you should always provide the opportunity for individuals to grow because this will keep their brain active and engaged with their job. Learning needs to be exciting, and the employee needs to feel like they'll get something out of the training that you're offering.

We align with our employees’ goals🏆

It's essential that our employees feel like they're coming to work to progress over the many years that they're with us. When we hire a new employee, we tend to ask them what their goals are for the future to gauge whether they want to progress quickly or they're happy being in a position for several years - honouring individual needs, everyone’s different at the end of the day! 

Hear from our employees🗣

Skyla, our Customer Success and Renewals Executive, said, "Throughout my time at, I have been given several opportunities to progress in my career. When I began my role, I was able to start an apprenticeship course which not only results in a qualification but  gives me valuable skills and knowledge too. I have also been provided with the chance to move into our Marketing department to undertake another qualification course. I am incredibly grateful for this, and I am excited to see how my career grows and progresses.”

Liam, one our Developers, said, "Since I started at I have always been learning and developing my skills. I've worked my way up from being in Infrastructure to now being in the Development team. "

Giving back to our customers 💖

One of the biggest reasons we choose to help people progress their skills is also for the benefit of our customers. The more skilled our employees are, the better they can implement projects and give support. At, we are passionate about people and put positivity at the heart of our business, meaning that if our employees are happy, our customers are too!