How to Successfully Onboard Employees Whilst Working Remotely

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Onboarding is one of the most important elements of a business when it comes to welcoming new employees. But how do you do this effectively whilst you're all working from home? To do this you need a full onboarding programme which is set up on a task management platform. Without a task management platform, it'll be a lot harder to keep track of what you've completed and what you've got left to do. 

At we use to manage our onboarding and it does a fantastic job at automating updates and reminders throughout the whole process. A lot of companies struggle with what to put in an onboarding programme so I thought I'd share with you our three main stages for welcoming a new employee onboard remotely. 

The Pre-Boarding Stage

This stage offers a chance for you to make your employees feel welcome before they've even started the job. I'd recommend that you send all of your new employees a welcome email, this is a chance for you to introduce them to some of their colleagues in their department and provide them with an agenda for their first week. This way, the employee will feel as if they've been thought about. First impressions count, so make sure that you're giving the employee all of the correct and relevant information that they need before starting the job.

Using a task management tool, you can have your whole onboarding programme planned out before the employee starts. This will enable you to focus more on the person and help them with whatever questions they may have. It'll also provide a platform where you can invite the employee to view their onboarding programme before they've even started the role.


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The first day 

The scary one, right? This is usually the make or breakpoint for most employees! Hopefully, if you've got the right onboarding measures in place, it'll be the 'make point' for every one of your new employees. 

On the day, you should introduce the new employee to their colleagues, especially the people within their department. This will need to be done virtually via a video chat, therefore, it's worth investing in a remote work package that will enable you to communicate effectively. You can integrate video chat with, which makes the whole process more seamless and within one piece of software. 

The first week

"That was the best 5 days of my work life." You should be hearing your new employees say because, by this point, your onboarding programme should be excellent! At this stage, I'd recommend using your task management tool to its full capabilities, during the week as you're doing the tasks, you can tick them off and write feedback within the system. At the end of the week, you should have a refection session with your new starter where you go over everything they've achieved and how that person is feeling. Within the system, you can write notes, so that you know how to adapt to the individual's requirements and the way they learn. 

You can also have a section for legal documents to ensure that by the end of the week everything is signed and that both the employer and the employee are happy.

At I spoke to our Customer Success and Renewals Executive, Skyla Grimble, about how she's been using our task management platform,, to onboard her new colleague. 

She said:

"Before Jade joined, I created a board specifically for her training. I created different groups for each area of the job role, and used the status columns to track which processes she was learning, and how she is finding them- for example, 'learnt', 'working on it', 'not started learning' etc. This allowed both myself and Jade to see which parts of the job need to be worked on the most, and which parts she found the easiest and quickest to learn. I also used the Files column to add in any documentation and instruction guides to the board so she has easy access to all resources she needs. I also was able to add in links to the Zoom meetings we used for each training session, so she had everything she needs in one place."

This proves how vital and useful is for onboarding management, especially when we are all still working form home. If this sounds like something that would benefit your business then start a free 14-day trial today. Alternatively, we're offering a free 1-hour consultation on, so if you want to see how it could work for your business and chat with one of our experts...

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