How to bring your home comforts into the office after working remotely

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Working from home has been the 'new norm' for the past two months now because of COVID-19. However, this pandemic is slowly recovering and the result of that means that businesses can start going back to their offices for work. 

A lot of us have adjusted our lifestyles so that we can work from home, at we have done this with 99% of our employees. Did you know that 7/10 people said that they prefer working from home? Therefore, returning to the office is going to be a big change, again, for many of us. A sense of going back to normality, a lifestyle which we have known for many years. But how can we improve our working environment so that we can implement the things that we love about working from home and bring them into the office?

I spoke to some of our employees about what they will be bringing into the office when we stop working from home:

Hannah Martin - “I will be bringing in an image of a rainbow so that I never forget this period of my life... I feel very proud of how we have coped as a family both at home and at work.”

Alex Vrij - “For me it would be a poster because I have a passion for travelling, with the hope to explore NZ further in the future.” 

NZ Poster


Ross Page - “I will bring in one of the kid's toys because they remind me of the fun we have at home which gives me great energy.”  

Skyla Grimble - “I will bring in my water bottle that I use at home- it has hours on it of when I need to have drunk the water so it's making me drink loads at home which is very beneficial, to keep doing this in the office, I'll bring in that bottle.”

Ben Manning - “If I could bring anything I wanted back to the office, regardless of the practical implications, it would probably be the daily delivery of a sausage or a bacon sandwich between 10-11am.”

Lee Ingham - '"During the lockdown, I have realised that nothing replaces family time, and no 'home comfort' will bring me that amount of joy, being around my family all day, every day. However, I am lucky enough to work with my wife, and she is a home comfort for me, in the office or working from home.”

Jimmie Ireton - "I have continued to work from the office throughout this lockdown period with my colleague Mark and my office comfort... The Darlek.”

Jimmie and Darlic


By bringing things from home into the office it creates personality, happiness and more of a family culture. It allows people to be reminded of things that bring them joy and comfort. At we will be encouraging people to bring in their chosen ‘home comforts’ when we return to the office so that we can all feel as positive as possible as we transition back into our normal working environment.