How to become a successful Agile Marketing Department

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agile marketing
What is Agile Marketing?

Agile Marketing is more than just a trending “buzz” word when it comes to getting things done. It’s a tactical marketing approach where teams can identify and focus their collective efforts on high priority projects, measure their success, and then continuously and gradually improve results over time. 

Within Agile Marketing, teams use sprints (which are short periods of intense work), to complete projects and after each sprint is completed, the team will then measure the success and consider what they’ve learnt so that they can improve during the next sprint.

Agile Marketing
How to use to transform your marketing teams into agile marketing teams

Collaborate smarter

Set short term goals that everyone in your team can work towards. For example, if you’ve got a team of people that are all working on social media then set daily tasks e.g, increasing followers, creating blogs, and scheduling content. Make it clear which tasks are of the highest priority using's status column and work on those first, as a team. 

Communicate regularly

Reflect on the good decisions and the things that could have been done better in the comments section of The important thing to remember about Agile Marketing is that informed decisions are more important than opinions. Use the data and the feedback that you get to improve. Everything you do needs to be focused around your customer base and your business processes.

Be adaptable and ready for change

Don’t get to emotionally attached to a project because this process can lead to a lot of change. The data you receive may suggest that you need to do something differently or in fact, change your idea completely. But that’s okay. allows you to quickly and efficiently change things by duplicating boards and editing only the parts you need to change so that your whole team is on board with the new process. 


There are many ways to succeed in business, but are you able to say that you’ve succeeded fast? With marketing trends being one of the quickest changing elements on the internet, there is a need for speed. And with testing and feedback taking up the majority of your time, having a piece of software that controls the whole process for you so that you actually can work agilely is essential. Succeed before your competitors because you have all of the tools that allow you to. 

Whilst I’ve only mentioned a few of the core features of Agile Marketing above, there’s a range of things that make it stand out from traditional marketing. The reason it’s so successful is because it’s accommodating for the future of work. By this, I mean that Agile Marketing is precise and informative which is what drives success and with our work lives being so busy nowadays, this type of strategy is a must. 

Transform your marketing team today and make more informed decisions than ever.

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