How to architect your workload for maximum productivity

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How to architect your workload for maximum productivity

Productivity comes from an organised, structured plan of tasks – especially at the moment, where more and more people are working remotely. It is hugely important to have workflows in order to complete everything in a timely manner and to the best standard. This is where a work operating system (Work OS) can step in and revolutionise the productivity of your team.

To get your team to embrace their workload and feel enthusiastic about what they are doing can be hard when you have a dull list of tasks with everything you need, all in different places. With our Work OS, we can turn this into a visual, colourful workspace that gives you the ability to upload all files in one space, add in notes and updates, change the status of each task as you progress, and more. Also, if a large task seems daunting, you can break it down into sub-items to give a granular view and to oversee every step. Now, with this one small step, your team’s productivity is already vastly improved.

You can also set deadlines and due dates for your tasks, allowing you to prioritise and focus on what needs to be done when it needs doing. Not only does it give you a visual reminder, but it can also be easily configured to alert you when the date is getting nearer, or when the date has passed. You can set up groups for each week, giving you a clear view of your time every morning, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done throughout the day, giving you the opportunity to end the day feeling satisfied and a lot more productive. You can even track your time on each task, providing you with insight as to how to increase your time management even further. 

With the endless automations available, you can save yourself time by having everything you need set up to work seamlessly. A simple but extremely helpful automation includes setting a task’s status as ‘done’, and having it move to another group or another board where it can be checked for approval, or archived. You can also set up notifications for other people, to let them know when you have changed the status of a task, or when an update is posted. These notifications will save you from long, complicated email chains and mundane meetings which decreases confusion and increases productivity and communication. 

Having everything all in one place can save you time from clicking through to different tabs. You can call contacts directly and include links and files to ensure you have everything you need, along with giving other team members or external guests access – saving you from sending resources across various platforms.

These features can dramatically change the way you and your team work together, saving you time and effort by making your processes smoother and more automated, resulting in an enthusiastic, passionate workforce who manage their time in the most efficient way. 

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