How Enable Drives Customer Success Across Every Department

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Why is Customer Success important?

In a society where customers have more options than ever, it is essential that Customer Success is at the heart of everything that you do. Investing in your customers means that they are more likely to turn into life-long customers. The happiness of your customers is vital, those who are happy, speak positively about your business.

With the current situation concerning Coronavirus, Customer Success is vital. Your customer's will want to know how you're dealing with the situation and that you're there to support them.

By talking to our different departments within Enable, I have created 5 Top Tips to help your business drive Customer Success!

1. Educate your customers

Our Customer Success Team work really hard educating our customers every single day. They are regularly communicating with our customers to ensure they've got everything they need to utilise their systems. By speaking directly to customers and managing their account, our Customer Success Team creates a personal and informative experience every time. 

I spoke to Skyla, our Customer Success Apprentice, about how she drives Customer Success. "My role is to prioritise our customers and their needs by working with them individually to ensure they receive the best service. Establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with our customers, making sure that they have the smoothest possible experience with Enable is essential to my role when driving great Customer Success."

2. Have someone who is solely focused on Training 

At Enable we have a certified Training Manager, his main responsibility is to ensure that all of our customers have the correct training available to them. This drives Customer Success because it allows individuals to develop their skills and therefore get the best out of their systems. 

I spoke to Lee, our Training Manager, about how he drives Customer Success. "My job and my passion as a trainer which i have done since leaving the armed forces back in 2009 is to ensure that everyone can use the tools and services that they have at their disposal to work efficiently and effectively so that they can achieve their mission no matter what that is. This drives Customer Success by providing value in the topics and discussions that I am delivering whilst maintaining inclusive learning styles aimed at all types of learners."

3. Have the support there to help others

To drive Customer Success you need to have the support in place for any problems that come up along the way. This comes down to our Sugar Helpdesk and Local Support Teams, they are always on call for our customers. 

I spoke to Nord, our Helpdesk Support Executive, about how he drives success. 

"How I deliver Customer Success is by doing my daily tasks as a part of the Sugar Helpdesk, I adapt my knowledge of customers business and personal insight to match their needs and give them the peace of mind that I’m here to help them through their problems. This also keeps a strong and meaningful bond with me and the customer which is vital for this line of work."

4. Create guides and content that inform your customers

At Enable our Marketing Team puts a lot of effort into creating whitepapers, blogs, case studies, and social posts to inform our customers of new features and new updates. This is a free and effective way for customers to learn new things.

I wanted to add a few words, my name is Jade and I am the Marketing Assistant at Enable. I believe that our customers are at the heart of everything that I do in the Marketing Team. My main tasks consist of content writing for the website, blogs, case-studies, resources, etc. Everything that I do is about adding value and helping others to learn new things. I want to ensure that our customers know who Enable are and understand our brand and family culture. 

5. Be Mindful 

This may seem an obvious one, but this is something that we try to do across all departments at Enable. Being mindful at Enable means looking out for one another, and looking out for our customers. It's about opening your mind to what other people are going through so that you can adapt to their needs and work accordingly. This is a really important one, especially at this time. Going back to my previous comment about Coronavirus, being mindful allows us to re-assure our customers that no matter what you're going through right now, we are here to help in any way that we can.