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Easily organise all of your Marketing tasks in one visual platform. 

What are the main features?
The Editorial Calendar Template


editorial calendar


This template works by having multiple status columns, owners of each tasks, and the last status column is connected to the date column in order to create a deadline. This helps to visualise if something is overdue. By organising all of this information, it is saving you time by having the updates all in one easy to view platform.

Creative Requests


creative requests


There are so many requests coming in from all types of clients or other team members from other departments. It is very important to streamline all of these requests in one place. In this board there are people, status, rating and text columns. Here you can use automations to notify the requester and designer on certain phases of the request.

Campaign Tracking


campaign tracking


This board is divided into four groups Live, Planned, Paused, and Completed. A new column we used in this board is the numbers, timeline, and tags column. The timeline column not only shows you the timeline of the project on the item itself but also shows you a visualization of each project like a gantt chart. 

Client Projects


client projects


In this board, each client is a group. You can track time via the time tracking column. You can see time tracking across certain time frames (day, week, month, etc.). You can now also group by certain columns such as people, status, tag, text and the board itself. 

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