How Can CRM Improve Your Customer Service?

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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is a place where your business can store information about your customers including their contact information as well as records of all of their interactions. A CRM consists of many functions, for example, activity management, opportunity management, sales management, customer service automation and much more!

With CRM you’ll always be prepared to give customers exactly what they need at any moment, for any issue. Here's how it'll help improve your businesses customer service...

See every issue at a glance 

Empower your customer service teams to be more productive with a powerful and efficient console. Our service console analyses SLA information, along with case priority and severity, to intelligently prioritise every inquiry. Measure and monitor first response SLA and ensure customers SLA requirements are met with Sugar Serve (CRM).

Respond quickly to customer requests 

Have inbound customer service requests automatically routed to the right person. Whether you need to escalate a case or reassign it when too much time has passed, Sugar Serve ensures no customer gets left behind.

Exceed your customer's expectations

Imagine resolving every customer service enquiry promptly and proficiently without a single sloppy handoff or having to scramble for purchase histories. With Sugar Serve, it’s easy to keep customers happy and coming back for more. With a customer support platform focused on the features that matter most, you’ll always have instant access to the exact insights you need.


Customer Service


Report on your customer service

Easily customise charts and reports based on the information that matters most to you, and filter as needed to analyse performance. Users can personalise dashboards to see critical insights at a glance and customise dashlets to display data in a variety of formats. 

The Best Customer Experiences are Supported By Sugar Serve

Now is the time to be improving your customer service because personal and direct communication is more essential now than it ever has been. With Sugar Serve, you can focus on people, not processes, and save money because you reduce the need for extra staff because everything is automated within your CRM. 

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