Get To Know Your Customers Better with CRM

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Get to know your customers with CRM

A lot of businesses have a lot of customers, but how well do you actually know the people that are buying from you? Could you tell me what their pain points are, what time they shop and what their preferred channels are? If you can't then you are missing out on a lot of really valuable data that can help you build buyer personas. 

CRM has a lot of useful features for any business, but knowing your customers better has to be one of the main and most valuable ones.

I am going to share with you how CRM can be used to gain essential customer data, create personal relationships and increase sales.

What do you need to do?

Insert the correct information

One of the most important processes for your CRM to create successful results is to make sure that your sales and marketing teams are entering the correct data. If they enter the wrong information or there's a lack of information, this will make it hard for you to know who your customers are. I would suggest having a process in place for when someone enters a new lead or contact so that your CRM has required fields such as their industry, their contact information and their company size. This will help you to build buyer personas and a target audience. 

Listen to your customers

This may sound like a really obvious thing to say when it comes to getting to know your customers better but a lot of people forget the smaller details. This is where CRM comes into play. By having a call log integration you can have access to all of your recorded calls within your CRM so you never have to worry about missing the smaller details. Alongside this, most CRMs have the functionality to write notes whilst you're on the call, so if you get a certain feeling from the call or any ideas, you can write them down and have them all accessible within your CRM

Keep in contact with your customers

It is really important that you don't stop communicating with your customers once they've bought one of your products or services. CRM can help you by setting reminders to have weekly, monthly or quarterly calls with your accounts. Regular communication will help you to learn what the customer is interested in, this will allow you to build psychographics as well as having their demographics. The more of a relationship you have with your customers, the more information you can find out, for example, what drove them to buy? All of this information you can keep logged within your CRM so that it's centralised in one place.


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Create a target audience and buyer personas

With all of the data you have gathered from the three previous steps, you can now start to build your target audience and personas. The easiest way to do this is by reporting on your data within your CRM. You can report on a variety of things, for example, if you created a report on industries, this would give you the information on what industry is the most popular for buying your product or services. Within this information, you can then create targetted campaigns that will be put in front of the right people. Another example is that you could report on company size, if your data shows that you're selling to companies with 20 employees most of the time, you will now be able to create more targetted content for SMBs. 

At we use all of these methods in-house with our CRM system. It helps us to create life-long relationships with our customers and give them personalised and direct communication. We know how important it is to give exceptional customer service every single day. 

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