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Teamtailor on Android

There are apps for everything these days. They help you reach your goals, manage your life, keep in touch with people, and sleep better at night. 

Dare we say, we’ve built an app to help you with all those things. It’s now available on Android!

Google Play


Recruiters are often on the go, between interviews, meetings, and making teams grow 🌱 Being able to simplify quick communication with candidates expedites the hiring process, which means happier candidates and faster hires.

Now, all our users can stay on top of their work with access to the Teamtailor app 📱



Let’s say a candidate needs to reschedule or a recruiter is late – this communication happens seamlessly through sending messages directly through the app. Or, if you need a refresher on a candidate’s application before walking into an interview, you can quickly open and view it on the app.

You’ll be able to reach your recruitment goals, manage your work, keep in touch with candidates, and thus, sleep better at night. An all-in-one app for all-in-one-recruiting 🚀

So, go forth and download our app, available now on Google Play and iOSWe can’t wait to join you in your pockets. 

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