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Nowadays a lot of companies are competing for the same leads and you need to make sure that your marketing strategies are more successful than your competitors. Having landing pages that work for you, rather than against you is essential. You will need a Marketing Automation Tool that allows you to have complete flexibility on your landing pages, creating striking and visual content that encourages your audience to give you their details.

So, what do you need to do to create engaging landing pages that work?
Tip 1: Be minimalistic 

Don’t be overly descriptive, instead, give the viewer enough information to make them interested in the product or service so that you encourage them to take the next step. Also, ensure that your landing page has no distractions, for example, pop-ups or lots of links going to different pages. A landing page should have one purpose which is to collect data.

Tip 2: Make sure the page is easy to navigate

Navigation and the customer journey should be a priority when creating landing pages. Having a successful user experience means that the page should be easy to navigate around. The customer journey may not be as long as the normal pages on your website, however, there still needs to be a persuasive journey that encourages the viewer to give you their details before leaving the landing page. 

Tip 3: Include relevant and engaging visuals 

Did you know that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without images? Also…




These are massive statistics which prove that having the right image in the right place can make all the difference on a landing page. To choose the right images or videos you need to consider what it is that you’re trying to instantly get across to your viewers. For example, if you want a brand to stand out, make sure the logos are prominent or if you want a narrative to be conveyed make sure the visual is relevant to the idea. 

Tip 4: Make CTA and Forms clear

It’s all well and good having CTAs and forms, however, they need to stand out and be in the right place on the landing page. Sometimes having the form at the bottom of the page can be a bad decision if you’ve got quite a long landing page. Keep forms minimal, the more details people have to give away, the less likely they will give you their data. 

Tip 5: Create trust 

A great way of getting people interested in your product is by providing some type of validation from big brand clients. This could involve a few statistics of how you’ve helped a company grow its sales by 60%, for example. It’s really important to build trust on a landing page because people will only commit to giving you their details if they feel as though your a safe brand to work with. 

Other than my main 5 top tips for generating more leads through your landing pages, I would also encourage you to constantly test and track your results. This is the only way that you will see how successful your landing pages really are and from this, you can then adjust them accordingly. 

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