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Did you know that nearly a third of organisations are still not GDPR compliant? And that almost 60,000 data breach reports have been filed since the privacy law went into effect in May. 

General Data Protection (GDPR) is the latest privacy law, approved in 2016 jointly by European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission. GDPR aims to put guidelines and regulations on how data is processed, used, stored or exchanged through a single protection law. 

How does GDPR apply to Enable Technologies?

GDPR applies to us as both a Data Controller, where we handle data on our own behalf, and as a Data Processor, where we handle data on behalf of our customers.

GDPR at Enable Technologies

How secure is your data?

Here at Enable we understand that the security of your data is really important. The safety of your data governs every development decision that we make and it is a priority for us to to make sure that your information is not only secure but protected as well. 

Where do we keep your data?

The data is held in a secure data centre in the UK, and your data will never leave the EU. 

Data encryption?

Everything is encrypted in transport, and then your security data is encrypted in the database. We use 256-bit encryption algorithms and 2048 character keys. 

Are your systems protected with SSL?