Five Marketing Trends That You Should Be Using in 2020

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2020 has been a very strange year for many of us, especially those within the marketing industry. Some businesses relied on their marketing efforts more than ever through the pandemic and others relied on automated marketing to see them through whilst putting their staff on furlough. This comes down to individual circumstances for each business and both scenarios are okay - however, now is the time to be focusing on the future. What can your marketing team do to encourage sales and grow your business? 

I've put together some trends that I think will help you steer your marketing in the right direction and achieve success, even at such an uncertain time. Here are my five favourite up and coming trends.


During the pandemic, one of the most common ways that businesses have been reaching out to people is through emails because it's free! However, this means that people are receiving loads of sales emails every day, therefore, standing out in someone's mailbox is essential. You can do this through personalisation, it's the one trick that will draw your readers in quickly. I'd recommend using a automated marketing tool to send out your emails with accurate personalisation. The reason that this is such a good technique is because it makes people feel like you've taken the time to personally write to them, rather than sending out a mass campaign. 

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing, also known as chatbots are artificial intelligent (AI) software tools. Did you know that when a consumer asks a question, 82% want an immediate response? This is made easier by conversational marketing because it allows people to have a conversation with someone in real-time which means the response is a lot quicker than if they were to send an email. The great thing about this type of marketing is that it can all be automated, you can create playbooks which allow the visitor to have a conversation with your automated bot. This is great for teams that don't have a lot of people who can answer the live chat because it still allows you to get the visitor's information without having a live conversation with them. 

Interactive Content

Did you know that? ⤵️


Interactive content


This means that marketing in a more unique way is essential. Interactive content could include polls, augmented reality ads, 360-degree view videos, maps, and widgets. What's important is that your content stands out and that it is different and new. This type of content gets higher levels of engagement with viewers and it's re-shareable which means that your messages will reach more people.

Virtual Reality and Augment Reality

Virtual Reality is an interactive software which puts users into a three-dimensional environment, typically through a headset and lenses. It aims to give people a 360-degree experience which is either similar to the real-world or different. An example of Virtual reality is Volvo's 'test drive a car' app, this is used with Google's Carboard method where you can make or buy a cardboard box to attach to your phone and enjoy the virtual experience. 

Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory, states Wiki. Some examples of this are the IKEA Mobile App, the Pokemon Go App and Disney's colouring book. 

The main benefit of virtual reality and augmented reality is that the user will get a digital experience of the real-world which is more engaging and realistic than any other type of marketing

Retention Marketing

Going back to basics, retention is one of the easiest ways to make money through your marketing efforts. If you have a large customer base, you should be able to grow your business by getting repeat sales or growing a sale that you've already got. You can do this by re-targetting them with email campaigns or social media advertising and the great thing is, you already know that they're interested in your product! Through analytics, you can keep a track of all of the actions that your customers are making so that you can see what they're most interested in. Then your sales consultants can pick up the phone and give them a call which is tailored to your findings.

These marketing trends are great to know and implement within any marketing strategy, some, of course, will work better than others for certain industries but that's why you need to know what techniques are right for your business.

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