Exciting features to come with the new monday.com 2.0 release!

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As you may have already heard monday.com have transformed themselves into a Work Operating System (OS).

Along with this transformation there are a lot of new and exciting features coming...

Subitems - monday.com has been working on developing sub items for all basic boards. The functionality included is; drag and drop inside subitems, support for basic filters, column's sort, subitem's sort, and performance improvements.

Timeline column support in Forms - Users can easily create time ranges using our forms with the Timeline column. You can now enjoy the advantages of using the Timeline views and footer when forms are submitted.

The new monday.com extension - This is currently under testing but it will be a super awesome feature for you to get your hands on once it's released!

Manage your resources with Workload - The new Workload view allows you to a set capacity per person using the settings component. See in real time who's able to take on more work and who's not. Make adjustments to prevent missed deadlines and burnout. See below example:


Drill into the battery widget - Now you can drill into the battery by clicking on the Done section of the battery, this will present you with all of your tasks that are done. 

Workspaces - A simplistic but very effective feature! Workspaces allow you to section off your boards into different departments so that there is more organisation within your monday.com account. 

These features are only some of the awesome updates that are coming with monday.com 2.0! Stay tuned to find out more! 

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