Enhance the power of Sugar with a series of useful add-ons

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Enhancement Package

Make sure your Sugar system works for you, with these 5 useful add-ons that enable you to extend the core capabilities and functionality of your system; Docs, Cal, Metrics, Buttons, Events and Maps. 

Introducing....The Enable Enhancement Package!

As users, developers, trainers and support engineers, our team spends a lot of time with Sugar (much to our Dentists dismay). Over time, we have seen some requests for customisation, as well as end-user struggles and support requests, come in more frequently than others. 
We created a report of this information (in Sugar), found the common denominators, and decided to address these. The Enable Enhancement Package was born!

This series of add-ons are designed to extend your system and make sure you CRM really works for you, with simple and easy-to-manage customisations.

  • Docs: Document Automation
    With Docs, you can quickly and easily create Microsoft Word templates and PDF documents for letters, contracts, proposals, mailing labels, and forms with merged information from any module in Sugar. 
  • Cal: Advanced Calendar Configuration
    Cal is a customisable calendar solution for Sugar to display any standard or custom Sugar module on a calendar. In addition to viewing calendars directly in Sugar, you can embed calendars into workflows, dashboards, and layouts; allowing you to present dynamic record-specific calendars to enable better decision making.
  • Buttons: Add Custom Buttons
    Buttons is a field type which allows the adding of buttons in dashlets, list view and record view. This field type also supports adding multiple actions within the same Custom Button and covers a variety of capabilities, reducing the time and the need to manually go through different menus to complete those actions. 
  • Events: Event Booking Management within Sugar
    Create and manage all of your events and bookings right from within Sugar. Send out invites to your guests, speakers, and sponsors. Create landing pages for both accepting and declining invites. It's everything you need to manage your event right from Sugar. 
  • Maps: Sugar Integration to Bing Maps
    Using EnableMaps, our integration to Microsoft Bing Maps, you can view any list of Sugar accounts, contacts, leads, targets, opportunities or any other Sugar module, plotted on a map. You will also be able to see quickly what accounts or leads are in closest proximity to each other and plot the results on a map or generate directions for a visit. 

To find out more about the Plugins, use the form below, or the links above, to download the various datasheets and arrange a demo!

Keep an eye on our YouTube account too, for the demo's and practical use cases for all the Plugins.