Enable Infrastructure - What Goes Up, Doesn't Come Down


As SugarCRM's oldest hosting partner, we don't often shout enough about just how reliable and stable our Sugar Hosting services are.

Our infrastructure team, spearheaded by Jon Cutting, is constantly monitoring all our Sugar hosting systems. Monitoring enables us to ensure that the Sugar instances running on them are not only available round the clock, but that they are built and configured to perform to their optimum abilities without any detriment to our hosted customers' users, or the integrity of our server infrastructure.

We've now been hosting Sugar on our own Enable Cloud for 13 years and, in that time, we have achieved a remarkable availability of 99.91%.

That equates to over 6.8milion minutes of continuous uptime. That's twice as long as World War II, about 50 times longer than the first spaceflight (Sputnik) and 35 million times as long as The First aeroplane flight (Wright Flyer, 1903) - a claim which we don't think even SugarCRM themselves can claim.

Having such reliable hosting servers, and such an impressive uptime, is not an easy task, and so it was felt that such an achievement should not go without acknowledgment to the hard work and dedication shown to both Enable, and our customers, by all the members of the Infrastructure department.

Deep felt thanks, therefore, go to JonathanThomasDaniel, and Liam from everyone at Enable and will, I am sure, be echoed by all our hosted customers.