Enable Gets Affirmation Via Award Wins

Award Winning Products

"It's always nice to be told that you've done something right. It's even better when the thing you've done right is what you've built your business around."


Over the last 13 years we've worked with the team at SugarCRM, right from the customer relationship management suite's infancy. Even back then we could see that it was going to be something amazing, and that's why we not only employed it ourselves as the central system which all employees use in their day to day duties, but why it has also become the core product we sell at the heart of our business.

Strengthening the Offering

In recent months we've also made the decision to get heavily involved with Mautic, a marketing automation solution which, like Sugar, is an open source product. Like those early days with SugarCRM we can see the potential that Mautic can offer, and are already using it in-house with our Marketing department. As well as offering it as a standalone product, Mautic can be used as a complementary product alongside Sugar.

Proof is in the pudding

It was great news, therefore, for the teams at SugarCRM and Mautic, and for us, to hear that SugarCRM and Mautic have been named as winners of Best CRM Solution and Best Marketing Automation Solution, respectively, in CMS Critic's annual awards.
CMS Critic is one of the top resources on the web for unbiased, honest reviews and, since 2008, they've provided a resource for readers worldwide to find information, get advice and discover the latest news about software, hardware and services such as Content Management Systems, Website Builders, Linux Distributions and much more.

With SugarCRM and Mautic winning ever more awards, it's confirmation that we at Enable are doing the right thing by being partners with them both and having their solutions as such prominent products in our arsenal to help provide our clients with a complete 360 degree view of the customer journey.