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Redefine how you CRM

Sugar's Spring 19 edition or Version 9 has included Emoji Support! The reason for this was due to the increased use of emojis in emails and subject lines that were crashing the Outlook Plugin Archive functionality.

But did you know they can be used in the CRM also to enhance the customer experience? Neither did we until we started using them!

I had a customer asking if they could use coloured fields to enhance the UX when looking at lists of customers using a tiered system of categorisation. We used to use a custom field type for this which could either be coded into the system or added through various plugins. Now we can use the emoji function for a case like this.

Emojis can be used in text fields on the sugar records and list views.The only downside is that we had to copy and paste an emoji from an emoji generator into the text field.

Thinking about this... What about a list view?

A list view uses a list of records created in the drop down editor.  A list item has an Item name (database value) and a display label (what the user sees). This display value is a text field, so taking this ability we can create a list of emojis by building the list and adding it to a field in Sugars records.



Now we can manually alter the records with an emoji type status, use it as a traffic light system or grade them using the list.

Taking this one step further the list can be then updated via a SugarBPM process if the customer has been called or hasn’t been called then update the Emoji field.

Increase the User Experience by adding emojis to fields. Create drop down lists and automate them using SugarBPM (Workflow) processes.



Redefine how you CRM

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