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One of the biggest pain points that companies are finding whilst working remotely is that it’s hard to keep track of their employee's calls. When your calls and sales are separate it becomes difficult to measure their effectiveness. But what if there was a solution for this? Surely then, working from home, even when the lockdown is over, would be a no brainer!

It’s all about investment… 🤑

If you invest in a customer relationship management tool and a VoIP solution that both seamlessly work together through an integration you could cut your business costs by half. Not only will you save on the money that you’re paying people to do tedious and repetitive tasks, but you’ll also save money on your building costs and bills because you’ll now have the flexibility to work from home. 

What’s the value of a CRM and a VoIP system? And how does that benefit you working remotely? 👩‍💻

Value is one of the most important things to look for when you’re making the decision to adopt a new CRM system. Whilst working remotely a CRM will allow you to manage your remote teams, communicate effectively with customers and prospects, centralise your workloads, keep up the pace with sales and empower your staff members. A CRM should go further than just offering you a few cool features. It should help you to be mindful and understand your customers more so that you retain them and convert them into life-long customers instead of temporary customers. A CRM will give you a complete overview of what everyone is doing, through gamification you can see everyone’s emails, meetings and user adoption.

What takes a CRM to the next level is adding calls to that list of all important remote work features. Having a VoIP system that integrates with your CRM is basically opening the communication within your sales department and allowing them to work in a more specific and time-effective way. You can have a really successful call with a customer, but realistically, what use is that if the next person who goes to contact that customer can’t see your last activity with them? It’s all starting to come together now, isn’t it… 

Bringing CRM and VoIP together means communication is stronger than ever. Have access to click to dial, screen pops, call notes, automatic logging, recording, KPIs and reports to make your relationships with customers and prospects stronger than they ever have been before, and whilst you’re working remotely! 

sugar and voip
Here’s where I come back to investment... 🤑

Buying into two tools that you’re not used to using may seem scary, right? But if I could look into the future for you and tell you that the investment that you are going to make is going to make you 10 times the money in return from new leads, retaining customers and saving money, you’d bite my hand off right? Exactly. It’s not a risk, it’s an investment. 

What if you don’t have the money up-front for these types of solutions?

As the old saying goes… You do have to speculate to accumulate however we do have a range of tools that are different prices and suit both Enterprise organisations as well as SMB. We also offer different payment methods to make sure that we are meeting your needs as well as our own. 

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