Discover how AI is transforming the future of marketing

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AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and if you’ve never heard of it before, now is a great time to start learning about the way that it’s transforming the marketing industry. Artificial Intelligence is set up to think like a human and it’s already been implemented into a variety of different technologies, for example, chatbots. It collects and analyses data to provide insights into customer and business trends. 

Artificial Intelligence works with digital marketing and is the leading force within the future of marketing. It’s transforming our traditional marketing tasks and making them smarter, more specific and more relatable. 

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So, how is AI changing digital marketing?
#1 User experience 👩‍💻

AI collects data and decides which content is most relevant to the user based on their location, historical data and past behaviour. User Experience is one of the most important aspects of marketing because the internet is overloaded with information, meaning that a user will only stop and look at what is relevant to them.

#2 Customer support 💖

Customers expect to be able to access real-time responses and AI enables you to do that through automated chatbots. These chatbots allow you to set up automatic responses when someone enquires on your website. This makes the customer feel as though they’re being answered by a human, whilst giving you more time to respond.

#3 Digital advertising 📱

Advertising has adopted AI massively, it’s used on Facebook, Google, Instagram and many more platforms. Advertising AI focuses on demographics and psychographics, it gets to know the person so that they can receive content that is relevant to them, which in return improves the overall performance of an Ad. 

#4 Email marketing 📧

Taking email marketing to the next level, AI helps with personalisation. Instead of sending the same generic email to your whole database, you can now send specific emails to people dependent on their behaviour.

#5 Customer behaviour 🗣

As we know, AI can pick up on customer behaviour, but not only that, it can also predict future customer behaviour. Through analysing an individuals behaviour is can make assumptions on their future actions. This is something that is constantly improving and is one of the most powerful and insightful elements of AI.