How We Drove a 163% Conversion Rate Increase with Sugar

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SugarCRM Increase in CTR

Tim Hanft, Marketing Director at SugarCRM, recently wrote about 5 Steps You Can Take for Better Conversion Rate Optimisation. In this post, we will cover some interesting takeaways we've learned from applying this methodology to our landing page form testing. 

Some of you may be familiar with progressive profiling, a feature that allows you to dynamically show questions on your forms based on what you already know about a particular lead. This is cool stuff but what if your lead behavior did not support this tactic? What if your best bet was gathering as much information as possible on the first touch interaction?

We know through integrations we have in place between Sugar, Mi360 and Google Analytics that a vast majority of our conversions happen within a 72-hour window of someone's first visit to our website. Return visits do occur but rarely do we see someone willing to fill the subsequent form to access information. So, how do we accommodate this behavior but at the same time provide a frictionless experience at the time of conversion in which we can gather as much detail as possible about our prospective customer? The answer is multi-step forms. 

Multi-step forms are designed to support lead conversion by spreading out a form into a series of questions. It mimics a conversation in that we're asking one question and then leading to the next. It's like progressive profiling but it isn't dependant on return visits - aka strike while the iron is hot. So, instead of showing 10 form fields at once and creating a massive conversation barrier, we reveal questions over time to create a dialogue without visitor. 

Through CRO testing multi-step forms on key landing pages we've realised a massive increase in conversion rate gains for our Free Trial as well as more top of funnel assets such as analyst reports and research downloads. In fact, we've been able to boost conversion rates by over 163% through simply breaking our forms into multi-step experiences. That equates to driving more pipeline at no extra cost in advertising dollars. 

None of what I'm describing above would be possible without Sugar's flexible CRM platform that enables custom integrations with the tools you use today: Marketing Automation, BI, Web Analytics and more. 

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