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Teamtailor's Connect Feature Makes ATS All The More Exciting!

What is Connect?

Connect is a way for candidates to show interest in your businesses positions and departments. In a way it's similar to an individual subscribing to your brand because it gives the candidates updates on the things that they're interested in and that match their profile. Not only does it give your brand more awareness but it also increases your talent pool.

How does Connect work?

A candidate may come to your business to find a specific job that you are not currently offering. Instead of the candidate leaving your website, they can connect.



The connect button is located next to the 'Job Openings' button on your careers page. For the candidates that choose to connect, there is the option to ask them questions once they have picked their departments and roles that they're interested in. They can connect through Facebook, LinkedIn or their email.



When connecting candidates have the option to upload photos and documents. They can unsubscribe from emails and dis-connect at any time. Once the individual has connected with your business they will receive an automatic email saying "thank you for connecting." (You can customise this email). A connected tag will be added to the individuals profile which can be filtered down on if you want to reach out to people before putting a job advertisement out. When a candidate connects the relevant team/department will receive an email notifying them that someone has connected with the company.

In this candidate driven market “connect” automatically categorises and nurtures candidates to keep the relationships alive!

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