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When you're about to invest your hard-earnt money into a new collaboration solution, what do you consider? Do you consider the cost and flexibility? I bet you do! But it's also good to consider the development of the product and how it specifically benefits your business. is a collaboration tool that we use in-house at because we love its extensive functionality that keeps on giving!! Not only does it have ample features and automations, it's also easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing to look at! I'm super excited to share with you some of their new updates so that you can see for yourself, why is the platform to invest in. 

  1. Already using other software? integrates with loads of other platforms! Just recently they've released an integration with Microsoft Teams! Now you can be supercharged for better teamwork – so you can organise, structure and streamline all your team’s programs, projects, and processes. have also enhanced their Salesforce integration, now, both standard and custom lookup fields can be mapped to monday columns. 
  2. Workload and Workspaces updates - In Workload, when two owners are assigned to an item, the Workload allocation will now automatically be split between the two owners - Hurray! Workspaces have gone up a level too! You can now open a Workspace for a specific department within your business and allocate that only the employees within that department get notifications. 
  3. Notifications have just got better - understand that being able to quickly look over information is important for a productive workplace. They've now enabled notifications to show you the first two lines of the update so that you can get a clear idea of what your notifications are about. 
  4. Support for Workspaces in 'Create Board' Automations - When setting up a ‘Create a Board’ Automation, you can now specify which Workspace you want the new board to live! This helps to keep your digital workplace nice and tidy so that you have access to your information easily. 
  5. Skimmable understanding of projects - have now added Group footers for collapsable Groups. This means that even when you collapse a Group so you can focus on something specific, you still get an overhead view of your progress, budget, timeline, etc of each Group.  

These are just some of the recent updates that have brought out which enhances their product and the way that teams work. It's the reason that they're trusted by over 100,000 organisation worldwide. People are able to enjoy working in a platform that adapts to their needs and grows with their business. 

See the benefits for yourself, invest in a collaboration tool that will really make an impact on the growth of your business.

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