Bringing teams together with Workspaces

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With the launch of 2.0 recently landing, their new ethos has been focused on being able to use for your entire company. Being able to collaborate across departments means a boost in productivity and efficiency. 

What are Workspaces?

As teams grow it can get messy and confusing to have all of your workloads in one place. That's where Workspaces come in. They are there to help your organisation better manage multiple departments, teams and projects in one unified place. They provide your account with a hierarchy of organisation, allowing you to keep everything an appropriate order. This feature allows you to stay focus on what's relevant to you, while as the same time easily navigate across teams, departments or projects. 

How to create a new Workspace?

To create a Workspace, navigate to "All Workspace" at the bottom of the Boards List. Then click "+Add" on the top right corner. By default, all users will see all newly create Workspaces.

To move boards from one Workspace to another, right click on the board name and choose the relevant workspace. You can also drag and drop boards. 

You can organise your work spaces by using folders to group related boards and organise work processes better. 

Reporting on Workspaces
workspaces reports


Each team can individually manage their day-to-day operations on their own Workspaces. What's important with reports is that you can gather data-driven insights and overviews can be drawn from across the Workspaces using dashboards. 

If you would like to see Workspaces in action, start a free trial today! 

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