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Did you know that only 2% of B2B Marketers use Marketing Automation to its Full Capacity...?

In 2019, studies showed that a massive one in eight were not using marketing automation at all, with only 28% not using many features of marketing automation. The chart below shows the overall effectiveness of Marketing Automation in businesses in 2016 compared to 2019.

marketing automation stats
What type of automated marketing techniques are still successful?

The initial welcome email remains the most popular out of the automated email marketing techniques. Last year nurturing emails were the second most popular technique however the chart below shows that many businesses are still not using the advanced techniques email marketing can offer. 

automated email marketing techniques
What are the biggest barriers to adoption of marketing automation functionality?

Because there are now more resources available on the internet in comparison to 4 years ago, there has been a significant drop on the 'limited staff knowledge' and 'defining a strategy' options. However, what hasn't changed so much is that there are still problems with integrating data and the lack of resources to manage implementation of features. 

user adoption
How to improve CTR with a successful marketing tool?
  1. Use clear and relevant call to actions
  2. Segment your database 
  3. Personalise your message
  4. Refresh your templates
  5. Use triggered emails 
  6. Test send times to see which is successful
  7. Make emails mobile-friendly
Why Sugar Market can help you achieve success?

Sugar Market transforms the way mid-sized marketing teams reach their audiences and measure success throughout the buyer journey. Attract more visitors to your website and gain visibility into how they interact with digital assets. 

With Sugar Market you can create professional-quality landing pages, emails and conversion forms in minutes. Their powerful campaigns revolutionises the way marketers create emails by offering templates, drag-and-drop builders and a code-your-own option with lots of flexibility. 

It's time to invest in a marketing automation tool that gives back to your business. Try Sugar Market today! Contact us on 01473 618 980 or to book a demo.

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