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Monday is an easy platform allowing you to manage your teams/ orders/ tasks. Anything you want! It's that flexible! But to get the most out of Monday it is important that you are educated on how to use it.

Here at Enable we offer a range of training sessions that can help you and your collegues get the best out of Monday.

Monday Onboarding - 2 Days

Our biggest training package is our two day onsite workshop which starts off by giving you an introduction into Monday and goes through all of the most important features that you are likely to use on a daily basis within your business. During these two training days you will go through things such as boards, fields, automation and integrations. 

Monday Basic Training - 4 hours

We also offer a four hour remote package which introduces you to Monday and goes through the most used features that Monday has to offer. During this session you will learn the core components of Monday and explore the functionality of different settings.

Monday Admin and Automation Training - 3 hours

The 3 hour remote training session gives you an insight into automations and integrations. It also gives you a more in-depth understanding about how admins can access customisation, general, security, API and other useful settings.

Monday Advance Trainging - 3 hours

If you already have a good amount of knowledge using Monday maybe you want to go for our advanced training session so that you can develop the skills that you using and get the most out of your Monday Software. 

Monday Brainstorm/ Configuration - 2 or 4 hours

This four hour remote workshop will put all of the previous information into place. It's a chance for you to sit down with the tutor and apply all of the tools on your own Monday board and explore any further possibilities.

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