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On Firday 26th of June we are bring to you our first 'Ask Us Anything' webinar and it's going to be amazing!

The webinar will be held by our training manager Lee who is a certified Sugar admin and instructor. The webinars are taking place on the last Friday of every month and the reason that we are doing them is because our customers are important to us. It is a chance for you to ask us any questions regarding Sugar and CRM featuring a special guest on every webinar. 

This months webinar

What will we be covering?

  • Customer Journey is our topic of the month
  • We will have a special guest feature talking about their experience using Sugar
  • Dashboard manager - covering sharing dashboards with your teams
  • Collaboration - covering how to use the comment log field
  • Reports - covering how to create target lists using reports
  • Questions and answers from the community 


If you have any questions that you would like to be discussed on the webinar, please send them to: training@enable.services
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