As a leader, how do you motivate your team through change?

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motivate your team through change

We are now coming to the end of lockdown and a lot of businesses have put changes in place to help the transition of moving back into the workplace. Some businesses have made changes during lockdown that they are wanting to implement permanently. But how do you motivate your team through this period of time?

Listen to your employees

Strong leaders, like David, our CEO at are already communicating with their employees on a daily basis whilst we are all having to work from home. Being able to listen to your employees' opinions and circumstances is vital when it comes to making strategic business decisions. Consider making forms or having virtual meetings where you can discuss topics that are important or need to change.

Empower your employees

Allowing your team to feel valued will encourage them to support your decisions. You can empower your teams through change in a variety of ways. Make them feel as though they are a part of the process, ask them to do some research or give you feedback so that it feels like a collaborative effort. Discuss with your employees why you’ve come to your decision and give recognition to those who have made your decision for change easier.

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Be transparent with your employees

Being honest with all of your employees will create respect and trust within your company. If your employees know that they can ask you a question and you will be 100% honest with them, they’ll be more likely to approach you as a leader. This is really important when it comes to implementing change because the last thing people want is to feel like they’ve been told a big piece of news last. Change needs to be a process and at every step, you need to be transparent.

Inspire your employees

If you’re going to make a big change within your company it needs to be for the right reasons. Change should lead to success, it should involve the process of trying to improve something for the better. If you can share your vision with your employees and allow them to feel inspired by it, they will be much more likely to follow your idea. 

Be mindful of your employees

Any decision that you make as a leader will have consequences. To ensure that your whole team is happy, you need to consider everything that will happen once that change has been put in place. Will your employees be happy? Will it benefit them in the short-term and long-term? Having these things planned out prior to implementing the change will allow you to be mindful and adaptable to any consequences that may come your way.

Leading in times of change can be really difficult however it’s essential that if you see a positive opportunity, you take it! With the tips above, you should be able to define what is a good change and what isn’t, and know how to implement it within your business. 

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