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Sugar 5-Seat Edition

Are You a Small Business Wanting CRM? No Problem.

We have the best solution for you! SugarCRM 5-Seat Editionūü§ó¬†Jump start your customer experience game and enhance the value of your relationships.



CRM is an essential tool for Sales and Marketing within any business. We recognise that it's a desire for most companies to use CRM no matter how many users.

The BEST CRM empowers users to increase lead conversion and repeat business. This is what SugarCRM brings to you. 

Sugar 5-Seat edition offers customers the ability to focus on each of these individual needs with a complete end-to-end CRM solution that will grow with them over time.

So, what are the reasons that you should buy Sugar 5-Seat?

A Complete Sales and Marketing Platform

For small businesses, this CRM offers a huge amount of features! These include campaigns, lead management, account management, calendar, robust reports, mobile app, and cloud deployment.

Create and manage sophisticated marketing programs through integrations with other leading marketing automation applications.

Many businesses soon outgrow the included functionality of a normal CRM whereas SugarCRM 5-Seat Edition offers all the essential tools for your business.

A Flexible and Scalable Platform 

Flexible CRM


Features like custom modules, an extensible data structure, unlimited API calls, and user-friendly administration tools support the evolving need of businesses. 

Robust Security

Sugar provides field and record-level security, and access level privileges through the creation of Roles and Teams.


Considering all of the value within this package, SugarCRM 5-Seat is a great buy! Proving you with an attractive and successful CRM Solution at a low cost. 

Want to know more about the costs? Contact us on 01473 618980.

Cloud and Mobile included

Cloud CRM


Sugar 5-Seat is hosted in the Cloud and the Sugar Mobile app is included. The app is one of the best in the market; allowing users to have access to all the essential information needed on the go. It can be configured to provide easy-to-navigate menus and screens for the busy professional.

Sugar UX

Sugar is easy to learn, easy to use, easy to manage! 

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Small businesses need state-of-the-art CRM too. And here at Enable, we recognise that.

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