All of Your Recruitment Needs - Customisable!

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Teamtailor is a Recruitment and Marketing Platform, for those of you who didn't already know! 🤗 It is more than just an Application Tracking System. It combines marketing, candidate relationship management and recruitment in one easy to use tool. 

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Today we are talking about Teamtailor's amazing "Custom fields" feature! 🤗

The "custom fields" allows you to add to your candidate card, as seen above. Every company values different information on their candidate's card therefore the option to customise is essential.





The "Custom fields" section can be found in the "Settings."




There are a number of custom fields that you can choose from:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Checkbox
  • URL
  • General number field




After you have choosed your field you can view them here:




The fields that you have chosen will show up on every candidate card. Click on them to fill them out, it's that easy!




You can go back and delete the custom fields in the settings. 

Please note: When you delete these fields it will delete all of the information from the custom fields from every candidate!

I bet now that you've read about this awesome feature, you're wanting to know more about what the system can do! It really is great! See for yourself by clicking the Free Trial button below! 🤗 

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