Personal Stories: Aaron’s first year at!

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Aaron's first year at

So I recently completed my first year at enable and my god what a year it has been!

So let's take it back to day 1...

I arrived at the office on my first day having had a long bank holiday weekend so I was super pumped to get my teeth into a new career.

I was greeted on my first day by some of my soon to be colleagues Jade, Emma H and Fiona. (I got there super early as I was mega keen) and straight of the bat was shown to my seat and offered a hot drink, then some friendly conversation ensued so my initial thought was, “Wow, this is light years from any other first day at work I have experienced."

Then that fateful time arrives...the boss is here!! The nerves really started to kick in, after all, this was a completely new career for me. So the first step was an office tour with my manager Joe to meet all of my colleagues. All I can remember is this is blah and their job is blah...trying to remember the names, faces, role and length of almost everyone answered "No Joe, I've been here 9 years not 6" or "No Joe I'm a product manager now not a project coordinator"...clearly Joe isn't one for relying on to remember ANYTHING. (Jokes).

So the sunset on day 1 and my brain felt like exploding but I was excited to get my teeth in this new role.

Fast forward a month and by this time I had all my training with our very own training god, (self-proclaimed) Lee. Joe had advised me that I would be helping him to sell SugarCRM and starting by building demo systems and I was looking for opportunities to sell our other products. This was super exciting and I worked really closely with Joe to learn the ropes and be a super consultant, so we hammered away designing some systems.

Time passed, but then my most challenging day came… but I wasn't aware of it until David, our CEO, uttered those words..."Aaron, can I borrow you in my office,” chills ran to my core… Here we go, I wonder what colour p45s are… David asked me to role-play a scenario where he's a client needing a CRM, he would brief me, I could ask any questions but only had one shot so he did and asked zero questions… epic fail. As David went on to mention I forgot LOADS, budget, number of people, etc. So, of course, I feel like a letdown but then I actually reflected and I learnt a whole lot from it and now I impose all those questions when talking to my clients.

Shortly after this it was decided I was better suited to look at and so my journey began.

I thought I was ploughing on with and doing well but soon realised after my 3rd month I hadn't sold a sausage and David was getting anxious, asking me what I expected to sell so I knew I had to up my game. So I worked closer with the team at to get things shifting.

With the help of our CPM Barak and his Predecessor Ophir I started landing deals, one of which was a huge 100 user account followed by another a couple of months later and for the first time, I realised I’ve got this… I can actually do this and it all started coming together.

Fast forward to now and in the time I was promoted and given a team, this sealed the deal for me, I knew for the first time in my life that I felt like I belonged somewhere.

To top that off I received a call one Friday night from David, our CEO, to advise me that he recognised I was working so hard and offered me my first company car, which, might not sound like anything but it was followed up by one message from Joe and the directors to say welcome to the family.

It was the single most touching moment in my career, I held back the tears and felt so proud to have been welcomed and accepted.

So it hasn't been all sunshine and roses, there have been ups and downs but it hasn't changed how I feel.

To everyone at and, directors and colleagues alike, with every fibre of me, I genuinely want to thank you for all you have done and will continue to do together.

Thank you.

Written by Aaron Ripper Team Leader