Help - Hidden Feature in Sugar

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Tips and tricks

Your SugarCRM system enables your users to drive the company's focus and reach its goals with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

It contains many modules and records types that are designed around your system and working processes.

The question is how do we enable these users and empower them to fully know and understand what all of these great modules and fields mean; how do we get them using them correctly?

Helping Your Users


  • You can go to the Sugar University and take one of the courses or view webinars
  • Find a Training Partner
  • Train your own teams

Read User Guides

  • Sugar Support Documentation - Out of the box and won't be specific to your processes
  • Add Help text to the Sugar Fields - Administrators are able to add guided help under each field's edit view
  • View the Module or Records Help Dashlet - which provides an overview of the record or module and links to the Sugar Documentation and Support site.

The above options are all great in their own way and enable users to get the information that they need. However, some of them may make your records appear less useful or even lessen the user experience.


The Below image shows a Contact record edit view, with Administrator created Help text used to guide the user.

This is really useful for the user, and they can clearly see each fields use case. However if every field on the record contained long strings of detailed information about the field, the record would be covered in lines and lines of text that will go on and on. It will become a mess.

The Help Dashlet in the sidecar modules' intelligence pane provides some high-level information that the user can view - wouldn't it be great if this help dashlet could contain more, or even all of our customization and guides on how to use this record?

Well the great news is............ YOU can make this happen!

Customising the Help Dashlet

This is a relatively unknown feature, but a very useful one.
The Labels option in Studio contains Labels that are used throughout Sugar to designate field headers, subpanel titles, error messages, and more.

By default, you will see frequently-used labels displayed. Selecting All Labels allows the administrator to view all of the labels for the record.

3 of which are linked to the modules Help dashboard which the user can over type with any information required.

Save the changes and Hey Presto, we have customised the Help dashboard to be really really useful for your users rather than something that is quickly collapsed.

Label Details

  • LBL_HELP_CREATE: - Allows for the text to be changed in Edit and creating new record views (if dashboard available in that view)
  • LBL_HELP_RECORD: -Allows the record view help dashlet to be edited
  • LBL_HELP_RECORDS: - Allows the Module List view help dashboard to be edited