Decisions, Decision: Buying a New Phone

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Mobile Phones

After the recent announcement of our partnership with Addoptify and their Customer Journey, I took some time to consider a journey that would relate to everyone, regardless of their respective professional industry. I’ve enlisted the help of various other members of the team here, who'll give their opinions on purchasing journey that we all go on.

After much procrastinating (check phone, consult calendar, check phone, look at social media on phone, send a text, check phone) it hit me: more or less everybody these days has a mobile phone, and the majority of those will have to go through the process of purchasing a new one.

So here we go. Here’s the catchily-named Mobile-Phone-Buying Customer Journey, vol. 1

Stage 1: Need

It’s either the date that we relish or the date that we dread: New contract time! The last couple renewals I have personally had were not before time. By the end of the first deal my phone had become incapable of running any apps above the stock ‘bloatware’ and as my second deal expired recently I was using a phone that was released in 2011…I think that is all the information you need to decide whether I was dreading or relishing renewal date!

When we as consumers are in the ‘need’ stage we have a multitude of options before us. Are we going to stay with our current network? Which handset is the best and most suitable to our needs? There are more but to be honest I’ve a word count to stick to!

Ultimately, whether we do it consciously or not, we lean toward certain brands; those that have great marketing teams to build their company name, and/or those with the best online presence. Here in the UK, a quick consideration of those I’d be most likely to use is the Carphone Warehouse, O2, Three & EE.

Stage 2: Research

The next step in most, if not all decision-making processes is weeding out the bits that we aren’t interested in; in fact, the options outlined above. We can and will call on the experiences of friends, colleagues, blokes down the pub, and whittle our options down. At this stage we are not set on a definite make/model/carrier but rather creating a shortlist. As customers we are, at this stage, ensnared by those with swish websites, with the most impressive-looking deals.

As vendors and specifically marketers, this is where we must really come into our own. Customers are not even in the room, much less sat at the table ready to sign on the line. We need to make sure we can grab attention and keep all eyes on us. The sales team will do the impressive bit and hopefully get the deal over the line; we just need put a convincing enough case forwards that we’re the best company for the job.

If you’re anything like me, buying a phone takes time so I will leave our journey there – somebody will pick it back up and guide you through the next two or three stages.

Thanks for reading, see you anon.

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