Customer Journey Vol 2: Good Things Come to Those That Wait

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Time to take another couple of steps along our Customer Journey! The rest of the team are too busy working on SugarCRM and our VoIP solutions to spare little old me 20 minutes to write, so I’ve had to make the executive decision to push this forwards and halt the delay. If you missed Volume One, check it out here.

Stage 3: Decide 

Now, once we’ve gone through our shortlist and read the reviews, including having weeded out the websites that we sense may have an agenda, we may pop into the phone shops in town and weigh up whichever we have left on our shortlists. Personally, I like to talk to the staff, find out what’s selling well; which are their favourites; which they would recommend for my budget and why. I’m as much quizzing the salespeople to gauge what sort of service I can expect throughout the contract as I am trying to work out which phone is best for me. Regardless, the cynic in me thinks it’s all fluff on the shop floor - I will be forgotten about as soon as I’ve signed on the line. 

Stage 4: Select 

The time has come – we’ve been down more avenues than Captain Sense of Direction - we are ready to take the plunge and sign a 24-month commitment. ‘Commitment’ is a scary word, isn’t it? Much like ‘killer clown’ and ‘Brexit’ – check me out being political on a Monday! 

With that digression now firmly in the rear view mirror, we are of course at the ‘Select’ stage. We’ve heard the reports of the Galaxy Note 7 exploding in people’s pockets; we’ve read about the iPhone 7 removing the headphone jack, thus rendering AUX cables around the world moot. We now know which handset we will be glued to for the next two years and are ready to take another step along our journey. At this point our excitement levels are reaching the highest point they’ve been since we took delivery of our last phone. Seems like a lifetime ago now as the new apps have slowed the incumbent down to almost unusable levels. Or is that just me grumbling as I dropped my swanky HTC One M8 over four months before it was due to come up? Yep, thought so. 

I promise it’ll be less time between this and the next one – I will call off the search earlier if I need to. That’s the trouble with having a workforce that is very committed to the cause!