7 Reasons Why A Customised Solution Is Best

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SugarCRM as an out of the box product is incredibly powerful, however, the structure and processes might not initially suit every business or user. This is where the real power of SugarCRM is, its limitless integration and customisation possibilities! SugarCRM boasts over 2 million users, deployed in over 120 countries, and those figures are still growing, as organisations wish to move away from the rigidity of other solutions and have a CRM system that works for them.

In an ever changing economy, businesses and their processes are constantly having to adapt, but customers must remain an organisations’ most valuable asset and must stay at the centre of all business processes. With a customised SugarCRM system, you can have the best of both worlds; a system that fits and serves your organisation’s aims and goals, whilst always keeping the focus on the customer.

Here are just a few reasons to consider SugarCRM customisations, that can get you well on your way to a competitive tool to enable you to increase sales and succeed in your market.

Nothing is more powerful than a well fitted suit
No two businesses are alike, and every organisation has its own processes, practises and requirements. With this in mind, it makes sense to invest in a solution that is customised to meet your exact business needs. This allows you to get the very best out of your system by improving the productivity and efficiency of your entire team, from sales to customer service. It is no secret that the most successful implementations are those of customised systems.

Advanced Workflows
Advanced Workflows in SugarCRM are the secret powerhouse that many are still not aware of! Using this feature allows you to streamline internal processes, ultimately saving your team valuable time. Anyone can design and deploy these using the visual design interface, with each process capable of supporting complex decision cycles, and with a powerful rule builder that effectively optimises routing and approvals. Advanced Workflows can also be integrated with external systems to break down organisational boundaries and enhance cross-departmental effectiveness.

Limitless Integrations
SugarCRM has no limits on the number of API calls. Yes, you read that right – no limit…
SugarCRM comes with an API that can be easily and seamlessly integrated with almost any other third-party application or website. By integrating products with each other, the value and functionality of your solution can only increase.

Smart Automation
Process Automation is a great time saving tool, and has no doubt saved me hours! SugarCRM out of the box comes with some process automation, however this can be extended and built upon in order to match how your business functions. Customisation of this feature allows you to match your system with your day-to-day practises, whilst keeping your business flexible and agile.

A Personalised View
With the use of Live Custom Reports and Multiple Personalised Dashboards, you, as the end user, are the one who chooses the metrics that are most important in your day-to-day activities. Accurate forecasting allows you to foster an efficient decision making process, and automated reporting allows you to cut your administrative work in half. Assessing performance and measuring your business in ways that motivate you is the best way to make decisions that will help you to drive revenue and outperform your competition.

Intuitive Navigation
With SugarCRM you get a simple user interface, however even this is customisable. Here at Enable, we are well aware that the out-of-the-box system may not match the organisational structure of your business, products, or client segmentation. Custom modules and fields allow you to seamlessly organise your system to match your business, resulting in the system being easy to use, efficient and enjoyable.

And it doesn’t break the bank!
Many organisations focus on price when choosing a system, however SugarCRM often comes in much cheaper, representing a much better value for money, and often beating many ROI projections. In our experience, we have found that it is often cheaper and easier to customise a SugarCRM system, than to deploy an out-of-the-box version of a more expensive CRM.

Your SugarCRM system will only be successful if it suits your business needs and works for you, so don’t put off extending and customising it, in order to release its full potential. We offer a wide range of customisation and development services and have worked with over 1000 organisations, providing them with a system that works for them. Why not have a look at some of the integrations we have built so far.

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