7 new Apps from monday.com to help you WFH

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At the beginning on the year monday.com announced monday.com 2.0, a strategic update to their platform. Along with this update, came the projection for monday.com Apps and the ability for any team to use custom functional building blocks to build apps on top of their platform. 

As a lot of teams are now working from home, it is vital to have tools that enable open communication, clear collaboration processes, and transparency.

At Enable we are excited to share with you monday.com's first 7 Apps which are live and accessible NOW! 

So, let's take you through some of the details..

Whiteboards - This shared collaborative space will bring your team’s old-fashion brainstorming to the modern age. No matter where you are, you and your team can write, draw, and work together in real-time. Export what you come up with, add it to the board, and keep track of your process from brainstorm to execution!


whiteboard app


Image Annotations - This is about to cut the time you spend ping ponging versions back-and-forth in half. Say goodbye to uploading files, downloading, commenting, saving, and re-uploading. Now, you can comment and edit directly on the monday.com platform! So skip v1-v14 and get it right, first time.

image annnotations

Online Docs - It takes a lot of platforms to keep your workflows running smoothly. You can now integrate them all more easily by viewing documents from Google Drive, One Drive, Microsoft and more within the monday.com platform. That means fewer tabs and downloaded docs, and a more streamlined workflow.



Board Pivot - Centralising all of your data has never been easier. You can now create pivot tables in a snap to understand important metrics from your favourite tools like Zendesk, Slack, Microsoft Office, and more. 

board pivot

Working Status - Easily define your “Working Status” to let your team members know if you can easily be reached, if you’re WFH, or on holiday. Use dashboards view to quickly see the status of your team over time. 

working status


Word Cloud - Easily create word clouds out of any data to understand trends at a glance. Just hosted a successful webinar? Upload the chat and turn all of your customers’ responses into a word cloud to share with the company so they can get a sense of the feedback in a matter of seconds.

word cloud


Team updates - Stay up to date with birthdays, team events, new joiners and more with your Team Updates View. Embed the Team Updates wherever your team can see it so you will always be synced and never miss a newsworthy event.

team updates


Want to get your hands on these awesome Apps to help your teams succeed and thrive at work?

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