5 ways remote workers can benefit from Enable VoIP

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Enable VoIP

The modern office is changing as things start to quickly develop and the need to work remotely invades our lifestyles. As technology is developing along with these demands it makes working from your home a lot easier and more accessible.

The reality is however, that business needs to go on like usual. And however challenging a pandemic like Coronavirus is, or quite simply the need to work from home because of other, more personal reasons, you still need to be able to communicate with your team. 

Communication is the key that holds all teams together, whether you're working in different countries, different counties or different streets. Providing businesses with the safest and most reliable way of communicating is something that we've proudly been doing for many years here at Enable. 

VoIP means voice-over-internet protocol and the whole idea of Enable VoIP is to allow your business to make calls over the internet. It is a way of bringing your employees together so that they're more productive and more efficient with their time. 

What are the 5 main benefits of Enable VoIP for remote workers?
1. It's cost effective

Starting from as little as £5.40 per user per month. At a vital time where businesses are looking to save costs because of the impact of Coronavirus, this is a great solution to keep your teams connected. Instead of having to pay loads of money out on hardware, VoIP can be accessible from your employee's mobile phones. 

2. It makes remote work easier

A lot of us are still adjusting to the remote work lifestyle, some people may have been doing it for many years. Because VoIP is hosted through our servers all you need is an internet connection to get it working. This way you can access all of your calls, provide your colleagues with updates and communicate just as you would in he office.

3. Work from anywhere, anytime

A lot of modern business people have very busy lifestyles and sometimes that means taking a call or a meeting 'on the go.' This increases business efficiency because it allows you to work from any location, at any time.

4. Improved Customer Service

Most businesses tend to have Enable VoIP integrated within their CRM system which means that all of your calls will be recorded and logged within your CRM. When you're working from home it's harder to keep a log on your colleagues calls with customers/ prospects if you don't have this simple functionality. Being able to listen to previous calls with a client means that you are already aware of the on-going communication that's been made and you can therefore focus on the customer service of your current call.

5. It's future proof

Enable VoIP future proofs your business as older phone technologies are fading out. By replacing you telephone system with Enable VoIP you can be sure that your system is modern. It also helps for those businesses that are working remotely or are looking to work remotely in the future because it's catering for their needs also.

All of these amazing features explain why Enable VoIP is the telephone solution for remote workers. Hear what our customers are saying...

Sally Anne from Sprake and Kingsley

“With the need to very quickly move as many of our staff to work from home, the phones were a priority but the advantage of VOIP meant they were easily diverted. One message/call and the direct dial was diverted so our clients could easily keep contact. It also meant we could transfer calls between the office and the staff member which reduces the need for call backs for our clients, meaning they didn’t have to wait but could speak to someone immediately.”

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