5 strategies that will help you retain customers with ease

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Keeping customers is one of the things that many businesses are challenged with year on year, so it is essential that you have the right tools and the right strategy in place to keep your customers happy. 

There are lots of different strategies that you can use to differentiate yourselves from the competition and keep your customers engaged with your brand. At enable.services we wanted to share some of our strategies with you so that you can easily retain more customers!

#1 Onboarding - This process is essential if you want your customers to succeed and feel comfortable using your products. At enable.services we have a complete onboarding program for our customers where we teach them how to use the software and we show them how to adapt it to their business needs. Onboarding leaves a good feeling with your customers throughout the purchase stage which means they will more likely recommend you to other clients at the early stages.

#2 Communicate - This needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure that your customers don’t feel like they’re being forgotten about. No matter how big or small the customer is, they need to feel valued and important. A great strategy is to set up a communication calendar. We use our CRM system to set reminders, notifying us when we next need to reach out to specific customers.

#3 Brand Awareness - This can be done through a variety of channels. Expressing your brand should be done on your website, your social media channels and your emails. We send out a monthly newsletter to all of our customers that discusses our most important updates during the past month, as well as what the enable.services family has been up to. Brand awareness is important because it allows your customers to feel more close to your business.

#4 Give back - This type of strategy shows appreciation however it is also time consuming. To give back to your customers you need to know what it is that they desire and value. For us, it’s resources, insight and information. We quite often share tips and tricks on our social media channels, we give away white papers discussing how to use our products and we share knowledge that only leading experts in their industry would know. And all of this is for free! 

#5 Feedback - Asking your customers for feedback is essential so that you know what you’re doing successfully and what you could be doing better. The great thing about feedback is that with the right permissions you could use it as a testimonial on your website to promote your brand. The more positive reviews you have, the more trust someone will gain in your business. 

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Understandably, sometimes you can’t retain customers because of the client's personal or financial situation. But what you can do is help those customers so that they still feel satisfied with your service and recommend you to their friends. You always have to be mindful through every strategy that you put in place to retain customers because everyone appreciates their own personalised approach.

Once you are able to implement your strategies and be mindful along the way, customers will be much easier to retain.