5 CRM Reports That Will Help You Drive Sales

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A massive 40% of salespeople still use informal methods like spreadsheets and email programs to store customer data! Using CRM Reports to collect insights and improve your sales is vital. A modern CRM will blow traditional sales methods out of the water, it will save you time, money and the hassle of tedious tasks. A successful method that a lot of modern companies are using is business intelligence. This means using data from reports to make better business decisions and build better relationships. 

The 5 CRM Reports which will give you the information that you need to improve your sales

Activity Reports

An activity report will give you a quick view of all of the activities that are associated with your sales. Be able to easily track calls, meetings and emails, by user. You can click into these activities and see exactly what the specific user has done. Being able to look into these will allow managers to identify patterns and see what’s working successfully.

Leads Reports

As new leads are coming in, it’s important to be able to track them. Having a weekly or monthly leads report is a great place to start so that you can constantly see how many people are interested in your products or services. There are many types of lead reports that you could create, for example, qualified leads, leads who haven’t responded, and leads you are currently in communication with. This will enable you to prioritise what leads need attention.

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Pipeline Reports

Having a pipeline report will allow you to see all open and potential opportunities in the sales pipeline. This is a great way of seeing what everyone in your team has open, and what the forecasted revenue is. You can compare this report to how many customers you actually get on board at the end of the month to see how successful your team has been. 

Closed Won Reports

A closed won report will show you all of the customers that you have won. You could do this as a yearly overview, so you report on each month, how much you’ve won and who the assigned user was. This is a great way to celebrate people within your team for having a really strong sales month. On the other hand, it also shows you who may need a bit of help to improve their sales strategy.

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Renewal Reports

If you have a renewals process within your business then this is a great report to be focusing on. Having an overview of your monthly income from renewals will allow you to make decisions on how many sales you need to get to hit targets. It will also show you which months are more successful for people renewing and becoming customers.

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