Sales Innovation Expo - The Highlights!

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As you may have seen from the bottom of our emails and all our social media accounts, we have spent the last few days at the Sales Innovation Expo.

First of all, we would like to say a big thank you to those of you that came to visit and support us! It was great to catch up wth some familiar faces, whilst meeting some new ones. (And for those of you who came to see us, we're very sorry to say that there are no cookies left...)

The stand, in all its glory. my image

Sara giving out the cookies. my image

The Team in action. my image

Why Do Customers Choose SugarCRM Over Salesforce?

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5 Things To Consider Before Settling Down with Salesforce

Why Settle?

Shouldn't your CRM provider be a company people rate "In a class of its own"? A lot of people have chosen Salesforce, but perhaps thats because they didn't know there is something much better on offer!

Fall Back in Love with Your CRM - A Webinar Series

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One of the core values of Enable is its roots as a family run business, every member of the team is much more than just a work colleague. And because of this, we often overlook the fantastic amount of knowledgable resources that we have within our team.


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